About Us

Founding Purpose

After the devastating 1985 Mexico City earthquake, the recurring message: "Human suffering could have been enormously reduced if 72-hour preparedness had been a pre-earthquake priority."

Emergency Lifeline was founded in 1985 by Kathy Gannon Rainey with the purpose of helping businesses, schools, families and individuals prepare for 72-hour self-sufficiency. Since that time, the company has expanded the product line to include preparedness supplies for any type of disaster, including natural and man-made. Emergency Lifeline now works with organizations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and overseas. The company also publishes the annual, internationally distributed DISASTER RESOURCE GUIDE. The publication is a resource for organizations and government agencies desiring to prepare for emergencies, and contains articles and information from internationally recognized experts. The printed GUIDE is mailed to qualifying subscribers free of charge. The online GUIDE is at www.disaster-resource.com.

Company Ownership and Operations

Emergency Lifeline is a woman-owned California Corporation. Kathy G. Rainey, who has actively served as President from its beginning to the present time, continues to push forward in her vision to assist people in their preparations for all types of emergencies. The company's warehouse is located in Santa Ana, CA, less than one block from Century High School, which facilitates our commitment to helping local youth with job training and employment. The company has been an active participant in the local ROP (Regional Occupational Program) for high school students to help them learn about business and entrepreneurship. We believe this business is particularly well-suited to teaching students fundamentals of project and time management, teamwork and accountability. Our Office Manager started work part-time in kit assembly as a high school student over 15 years ago, and now works with today's high school students training them in manufacturing, inventory and quality control.

Current Product Line

Emergency Lifeline has been in the business of providing earthquake and disaster preparedness products for over 25 years. In addition, the product line has been expanded to include products for industrial safety, OSHA and ADA compliance, and disaster relief.