Sanitation Kit (100 person)

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Sanitation Kit (100 person)

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100 person

When you survive the disaster, be sure you survive the aftermath! Hygiene can be a lifesaver. Secure some peace of mind with a well stocked sanitation kit for your office staff. It includes folding toilets, privacy shelters, toilet deodorant, moist towelettes, flashlights and more.

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Search and Rescue
1 Duct Tape Roll, 2” x 50 yards
2 Standard Flashlights
8 Alkaline D-Cell Batteries
6 12-Hour Green Lightsticks
2 Privacy Shelters
2 Folding Toilets
2 Rupture Buckets
300 Toilet Bags
20 Toilet Deodorant, 2 oz.
1000 Premoistened Towelettes
50 Latex Exam Gloves, single
2 Waterless Degerm Cleanser, 4 oz.
400 Bag Ties
30 Sanitary Napkins
10 Large Rolls of Toilet Paper
1 32-Gallon Trash Can on Wheels
30 Large Plastic Waste Bags